Corporate Recognition Awards

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14th March 2019
Corporate Recognition Awards

Employee recognition is one of the areas that most managers in a corporate overlook. According to a study, 37% of employees see that employee recognition as the most important factor to continue working in a company. Employee recognition can be as powerful as it should be if the leaders are willing to invest time in developing it as part of strategic management. If you are reading this, isn’t it nice to get a quick glimpse of how you can give your employees or staff recognition?

Be Straightforward – Give Them A Corporate Recognition Awards

One of the most straightforward ways to show your recognition is by giving your employees corporate recognition awards. Besides monetary rewards, company recognition awards are also a valuable asset to the employees. But what exactly is meant by recognition awards? Before diving deep into how to reward them with company recognition awards, you have to understand the term clearly. To put it simply, a recognition award is an action to show an individual or a group for accomplishing or achieving specific criteria in a tangible form.

6 Creative & Effective Corporate Recognition Awards Ideas

#1 Employee of The Year

Some employees must have given an exceptional effort in contributing to the company. So why not provide them with an award of the year to show appreciation? Alternatively, the prizes can be “Employee of The Month” or “Employee of The Week”. You have the right to decide on the period.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • Stand-out Performer
  • The MVP Award
  • The Ace Employee

#2 Work Anniversary Awards

It is common for an organization to acknowledge employees who have devoted themselves to the same company for more than ten years. This is a good idea to recognize their dedication to your company. There is also another title you can consider, which is “Years of Service Awards”.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • Outstanding Service Record
  • Platinum Service Award
  • Most Dedicated Employee

#3 Leadership Awards

Leaders are the guiding force of your company, so this is a great chance to recognize their effort in coaching and leading the team to achieve the company’s goal. Besides, this can also motivate the other leader to move towards the right company direction.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • Leaderboard Award
  • Ace of Initiative
  • The Star Leader

#4 Sales Awards

This award is a valuable asset that a salesperson is looking for in their career. By receiving these awards, they are a top performer who drives growth to the company by closing many quality real deals from the customers. They are also the individual who communicates well between the customers and the execution team.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • Mountain mover
  • The Growth Driver
  • Paramount Achiever

#5 Behavior and Value Awards

A company couldn’t operate without any core values. Hence, having an employee who behaves and works towards your mission and vision is essential. This is an individual who aligns with your company’s core values.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • The Motivator
  • The Believer
  • The True Gem

#6 Teamwork Awards

Teamwork might be something meant for some. Great teamwork who can receive this award work together in harmony by motivating and assisting each other. The team strives to accomplish a task or a project, as well as achieve the objective together.

Other Title and Name Ideas

  • The Dream Team
  • Best Team Player
  • Ultimate Team Player

Recognized Employee = Productive Employee

In short, build a culture of recognizing your employees. Help your employees to find fulfillment and give them a sense of fulfillment. You will start to notice the difference when it comes to their productivity.