M1605 (Custom Medal Malaysia)

3rd August 2017
3rd August 2017
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M1605 (Custom Medal Malaysia)

material : pewter
logo and wordings : full colour UV print


Pewter is a malleable metal alloy commonly used for sporting events, especially for fourth-place finishers or runner-ups. This metal’s pliability enables artisans to create unique and complex designs. As a result, pewter pieces are frequently highly valued for their artistic merit and craftsmanship. Available in 3 colors – Gold, Silver, and Bronze with three different sizes.


Are you looking for a classic-style medal for your event? Then, our medal custom made Malaysia collection is the right choice for you! We craft and curate superior quality assured awards like our pewter medals that consist of an intricate floral design that can be customizable by the logos and wordings with a full-color UV print. Not only that, but our custom made medal malaysia price is affordable and appealing, which is the go-to choice when you have a smaller budget for your event.

As a professional trophy manufacturer, we stand by our work of custom medals Malaysia within the industry market. We provide you with various choices that will leave you satisfied with the results; if you are still trying to figure out how to illustrate the design, do not worry! Our dedicated design team will assist you in achieving the outlook you are looking for!

The sample of UV full colour print as below: